AC Power Systems (UPS)

AC Power Systems (UPS)

  • Micro UPS (0~3kVA) for desktops, servers, telecom closets
  • Small UPS (3~20kVA) with completely redundant system controls, power modules, battery modules and monitoring options
  • Medium UPS (20~100kVA) with smaller footprint, higher efficiency and superior performance
  • Large UPS (>100kVA) with continuous availability
  • Dual-UPS Systems in Parallel

Micro UPS (0 to 3kVA)

Micro UPS

in a range of 0 to 3kVA for desktops, servers and telecom closets, for PCs or workstations where downtime is tolerable, but data loss must be avoided. The UPS should be able to provide enough back-up time for a graceful shutdown of the protected equipment.
Small UPS (3kVA to 20kVA)

Small UPS

true on-line protection in a range of 3kVA to 20kVA for network servers, bridges, hubs, routers, storage devices and critical workstations. The UPS may require extended battery time to provide adequate ride-through of shorter outages, as well as enough time for a graceful shutdown of the system in the event of an extended loss of utility power.
Medium & Large UPS (20kVA to 800kVA)

Medium & Large UPS

the widest range of three-phase uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems for continuous availability applications from 20kVA to 800kVA. These ultra-reliable systems are designed for a variety of applications in single, multi-module and redundant configurations.
Medium & Large UPS (20kVA to 800kVA)

Power Management

for applications requiring protection from electrical line problems without the need for back-up capability, Liebert manufactures a full line of power conditioning equipment to shield critical loads from external disturbances. Liebert also makes power distribution systems designed to efficiently deliver this conditioned power to your equipment.


Reliable surge suppression products ensure continuous power to your critical systems.